Advantages of this innovative,
low cost & high yield, Wave Power Converter

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The transducer swell of this wave energy converter , directly converts (the one & only) the kinetic energy of
the swell into a continuous rotating motion.

It posseses the following advantages.
  1. It is a floating system , it is not affected by the varying tides.

  2. It is a surface based system & it harnesses the wave energy of the swell on the surface , where the kinetic energy of the swell is the maximum.

  3. It transforms directly (in a single operation) the kinetic energy of the swell into a continuous rotating motion avoiding intermediate phases like the compression of a fluid & turbine conversion, its yield is maximum compared to any other existing  experimental system. This system is currently the only system that achieves energy conversion in a single operation.

  4. It   is also the only unique system that optimises the swell’s amplitude , it oscillates with an amplitude that is greater by 30% to 100%

  5. It requires a very minimal civil infrastructure (supported  by mooring  bouys connected with dead weights )

  6. The entire structure that is in contact with the sea & sea spray can be constructed in polyester or composite material that is unalterable & non-oxidizing, it does not undergo any corrosion.

  7. All the mechanical portions of the generator are isolated in a sealed & pressurized container thus protecting it from water & sea spray (zero corrosion , no penetration of sea air because of the low pressure inside the container )

  8. The mechanics of the kinetic energy conversion of the swell in rotating motion is very simple, it is extremely reliable & needs very little maintenance.

  9. The ensemble can be manufactured on an industrial scale at a very low cost.

  10. It  does not cost much to install ( supporting civil  structure )the ensemble .

  11. The power of each wave energy converter is 10 times more powerful than the most powerful offshore wind turbines (the mechanism develops a very significant torque )

  12. Several wave energy converters can be coupled together to constitute a chain of wave energy converters or farms.

  13. The wave energy farms occupy 100 times less the surface area than offshore wind farms of the same capacity .

  14. The civil structure installation costs of these wave energy converters are 100 times less costly than the civil structure installation costs of the offshore wind farms of the same capacity.

  15. Situated on the surface with a very little protrusion , these farms have no impact on the environment.

  16. There is a high probability that this system will become popular with respect to existing Wave energy converters , in the same manner that the three blade propeller became popular in the wind energy industry.

  17. This system will obtain a world leadership status for its manufacturer in the wave energy industry.
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